Sunday, July 15, 2007

Making Sunday Pudding

Looking at my last post, I realize that I left out some critical bits of information. I've grappled a bit with my own religious affiliation in recent months, and I even considered converting to Catholicism at one point. I had to examine what I believe about God, the church, divine revelation - the whole lot.

I know many sincere Catholics, and I respect and admire them. I'm far too ingrained in protestant ways of thinking to convert with ease. Pity the poor priest who might have had the task of instructing me!

The Pope and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church are probably convinced that he actually does represent Christ on Earth, and that the Catholic Church is the only path to God. I am not convinced of that, so I obviously would not make a good Catholic. I respect those who do believe these things. Their beliefs are at least as reasonable as some of the things Protestants believe. For the record, I don't completely swallow the Protestant KoolAid, either.

I was raised in the Methodist Church. What I believe about God and faith could not be summed up neatly in a booklet about Methodist doctrine. I don't believe exactly what any one denomination believes, swallowed whole in an undigestible mass.

I guess the Pope's recent statements irked me a bit. They struck at the core of my sectarian and religious beliefs about freedom. However, as part of that freedom, every religious group has the right to define itself without intereference (as long as it does so peacefully). We each choose our religious, political and personal affiliations. More important, we choose just how much influence each of those thing has on who we are and how we go forward in life. I guess, in the end, the proof is in the pudding.


Virginia Gal said...

Very interesting discussion,...sorry but I'm actually going to discuss HP here.

I think Harry will live, Snape is good, Neville is NOT the wizard in the prophecy but will play a role in book 7, voldemart - so dead.

Don't worry Merci, others have a geek hat on as well. hee hee.

Zelda Parker said...

I didn't get into reading HP and that's OK. The discussion is good. As for religion, groups that preaches intolerance or lacking the appreciation of diversity is the problem. Is it any wonder that we have so many problems?.

mommanator said...

what is protestant kool-aid or am I just not thinking with the spirochetes rolling around my head LOL
I believe in Religious Freedom ya know that, but I do believe one should believe!
Also, if I gave you a copy of the Methodist doctrine at present you'd say WHAT! Maybe I will just for the fun of it if I can find it after my nomove!

Merci said...

Don't be sorry - I'd rather discuss HP! I hope Harry lives, I agree about Snape, I'm not sure about Neville and the prophecy, but I DO think he'll be significant (together with Luna) and I think Voldie will die, but I think it's possible that Harry will die, too. I'll be in line at Midnight Saturday to find out!

Merci said...

I think you're right. Religious fundamentalism of any brand is generally the problem.

The KoolAid in general (to me) is unthinkingly following any one leader, as if he or she speaks for God. Swallowing Protestant Kool Aid would be following Falwell or Robertson or anyone else as if they were infallible.

Random Kath said...


Sorry about coming late to the conversation . . .

That's the good thing about the UCC (tagline: We're not quite Unitarians! We mention Christ occasionally!) - decisions are made by the local church community, we have to look to each other to solve problems and learn from each other.

It's still not perfect, but at least we're honest about needing to find our own paths to the top of the mountain (as I probably screw up that metaphor . . .)

Merci said...

Random Kath-
Sounds like it might be worthwhile to check out the UCC. I'll have to see if I can find a church nearby.