Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tearing My Hair Out

With settlement on my home purchase just a week away and some of the finer details unresolved, I'm tearing my hair out. To add another cliched saying to this post, it never rains but it pours. I have a vacation coming up in September. I'm desperately trying to get ahead at work so that I won't be BEHIND when I get back. Add into the mix medical appointments (routine, but time consuming) and the impending settlement, and, well, things are stressful! And now Mom isn't feeling too well.

My sister has been wonderful - she lives near Mom and does all that she possibly can to help her. I think Mom might have to go back to the hospital again soon. She's been dwindling physically and mentally. She recently asked my sister about my brother's wife, who died 6 or 7 years ago. I guess Mom had forgotten that she was gone, and she cried when my sister told her about it.

Putting it all in perspective, the settlement stuff will fall into place, or it won't. I'll be warm and dry and well-fed either way. I'll get stuff done at work or I won't. I'll make every effort to stay on schedule, but, if I don't, it will be there when I get back. It's the people we love who count, and all of the other things can go hang.

By the way, it really does look like I've been tearing my hair out! I've got the worst case of the frizzies ever, and I can't seem to conquer it. Any suggestions???


Virginia Gal said...

I like the positive attitude "either it will or it won't" perfect - I tell you good karma coming your way!
I am sorry about your mum though, she is in my prayers.

Pax Romano said...

Hey Kid,
Don't forget, I live close to your Mom, so just say the word...

Merci said...

Virginia Gal-
Thanks so much for the prayers for Mom. As for everything else, we'll just see how it goes ;)

Thank you a thousand times over! It's a comfort to know you mean it.

pissed off patricia said...

Buying or selling a house comes with it's own kind of stress. You're allowed to tear out a couple of hairs. Work too has it's own stress level. But when someone you love is ill, that stress and concern will trump everything else.

I'm not a praying person but I am an understanding person who wishes you and your mom all sorts of good things.

mommanator said...

Well Merci, when I saw you the other day your hair looked georgoeus as usual!
You always have something going on! esp with that job so grin and bear it honey! as I know you will-it WILL get done the time is the teller!
You know I am in continual prayer for your mom, if ya need anything let us guys know!

Merci said...

pissed off patricia-
Thank you for the good thoughts! That counts a lot. Mom says she feels a bit better today, so that's good news!

Thanks for everything!!! We need a girls' evening out soon. There must be something playing at the movies that you haven't seen with the kids!?!

Zelda Parker said...

Your moving along with warp speed in so many areas. Is it any wonder you feel stress? When was the last time you strolled down the boards? Walked with your toes in the surf?
Went to s outdoor concert under the stars? Watched a sunset? You get the idea. Like Marvin and Tammy said; "If you need me call, no matter how far, ....don't worry baby.

Merci said...

Thanks, Zelda. And it's been far too long since I did any of those things! The new Potter book this weekend should help.

No1BigDaddy said...

You have such nice hair don't pull it out. as for the other happenings in your life that just comes with living. As for your mom unfortunately that happens. Just think that in many years it might be you. They say if you want to see how you will look in the future look at your mother. Hopefully if you keep busy your mind will stay sharp as a tack.

CS said...

I'm just starting to look for a house to buy, the first time on my own (although it will be the thrd house I've owned.) Dreading the whole process, realy, but I don't want to keep forking over rent to someone else. Good luck on your closing!

Merci said...

# 1-
If I reach 84 to look like my Mom, I'll count myself lucky!

Thank you! Good luck to you as you begin your search. I'm in an apartment right now, which is not a comfortable fit for me. I need a back yard!

Random Kath said...

I'm not good at solving frizz - when it's humid here I get close to having a 70's Pam Grier afro going, much to my dismay . . .

I send many happy vibes to you and your mom. As I start worrying more and more about my grandma, I can see similar things happening. I send a big internet hug!

Merci said...

random kath-
The problem with my hair is that it's just plain frizz, no real curl. I should go short, it'd be so much easier!

Thank you so much for the internet hug; it means a lot! Mom seems a bit better right now.