Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here it is, an unedited photo of the new wood stove! There is a bit of cosmetic work to be done, since it replaced a ventless propane fireplace (ventless=toxic). The silver electrical box (upper left of photo) has to come out, since it is no longer needed. Some trim has to be replaced, and the wall needs some doctoring, but she's ready to fire up. Now all we need is some cool weather!

Jury duty was a trial, but I made it through. Actually, I was fortunate, and was not selected as a juror. There were about 70 people in my group (one of two groups present that day). They called the first 7 people to the jury box seats, interviewed them, dismissed one, and accepted the next person up as the replacement. The other 62 or so of us got to go home without ever being interviewed by the judge. I had to call in for the next 2 nights, but was not required to appear again (phew). This was apparently a light week because of the holiday, with only two judges presiding and only a few cases scheduled.

I did not park in the free parking garage (free with validation, that is) because I would have had to walk a few blocks to the courthouse in a not-so-nice part of Atlantic City. And, trust me, Atlantic City has quite a not-so-nice side to it. I really don't like to go there alone.
I paid $9.00 to park in the lot across the street from the courthouse, the lot they call the Courthouse Parking Lot. The lot has no government affiliation, so validation is not an option. Good deal for the owners, because a lot of the women opted to park there, and I'm sure some of the men did, too. Several women had their husbands drop them off at the door. Nice.

I came home after court with a migraine and ended up in bed early. The headache carried over into Wednesday, but I was essentially functional. Today, all is well. And what a beautiful day it is!

So life may once again resume its normal ebb and flow, and I can stop being a worried, miserable so-and-so. Apologies for the gripe fest earlier this week!

Hope everyone has a marvelous weekend. I'm hoping to get out to see the new Indy movie.

Here's a quick pic of Daisy, just for Virginia Gal:

I'll have to get some video of her running. She runs like the wind! She barrel races around the trees in her enclosure out back. Don't expect those images too soon. I don't even have a cable to get the video images into the computer. Then I have to figure out the whole You Tube thing. I'll get there, sooner or later!


Anonymous said...

Stove looks great and I'm glad the jury duty s over. I tried to vidoe our greyhound running laps in the yard, but he was going too fast to get a decent clip!

Merci said...

citizen of the world-
Daisy runs a bit like a Greyhound, though she's not as fast as one, of course. She's a Lab mixed with "something smaller and faster" than a Lab, according to the vet.

And I am SO glad that the jury duty is over!!!

mommanator said...

Finally the stove is in! Since I have been back up here I have thought it cool enough for the stove to be on!
What a great pic of the dog! so pretty!

Merci said...

Oh, you Floridians! Seems pretty warm here, to me.

Actually, it has been wonderfully cool that last few nights, but not cool enough to need heat or a fire.

Pax Romano said...

I am so loving that wood stove - I hope next winter is colder than the Arctic and that you spend many an hour staying toasty warm and sipping hot toddy's.

I'll bring the toddy's!

Weary Hag said...

Oh I love the wood stove! The photo of Daisy is might cute too. So happy you're still blogging! Trying to return from my way-too-long hiatus. It's an uphill climb.

Joe Tornatore said...

let me know when to bring over the marshmellows.

Merci said...

First cold day, come on down! Hot toddies for all!

Weary Hag-
It gets tough to keep it up sometimes, doesn't it? Real life can get in the way!

Hot toddies AND marshmallows! Come on down!

Virginia Gal said...

Daisy is to cute!!!

I am happy that you did not get sucked into jury duty.

Merci said...

virginia gal-
Thanks! Me too! I'd be WAYYYY behind at work if I had had to show up in court for a week or two.