Monday, May 26, 2008

One at a Time

The wood stove will finally be installed this week. It was supposed to be installed a couple of weeks ago, but it dared to rain on the scheduled date. It took a bit of doing to get the wood stove guy to reschedule, but Wednesday should be the day.

The wood stove guy was off pursuing a dream - something to do with having someone famous read his screenplay. Nice, but he left the business here hanging for several days while he was gone. The folks left behind in his shop seemed to be at a loss, unable to set a schedule until he came back. They kept telling me that they expected to "get with him" that day and they'd call back with a final date, then I'd hear nothing.

I understand chasing your dreams, but I also know that I need a reliable business backing up this purchase. The relationship with this guy doesn't end with the installation of the stove. There will be maintenance, replacement parts and chimney sweeping through the years.

Ironically, I could have used the stove a few times over the last few weeks, since it has been chilly at night, and on few rainy days, as well. At least the stove will be there when I need it in the fall. More wood is being chopped as I write, and my woodpile grows daily. The propane company wants me to prepay some $2500.00 for next year's fuel to help me to SAVE money. Not me, not gonna happen. I am going to use WAY less propane next year.

Anyway, the wood stove is the first in a line of projects needed around here. The water conditioning system needs to be serviced. My Daisy needs a fenced back yard. Gutter Guards are needed on the roof. Massive amounts of gardening and landscaping are needed. I need a handyman for several small projects around the house that are beyond me. Actually, I might take a few of them on myself, once I have some time.

My time hasn't been my own lately. We've just been through a round of graduations, graduation parties and family visits, and this week I have jury duty. No, I don't consider it to be a pleasure to do my civic duty. I don't have much faith in the American justice system, and, if I am selected as a juror, I'll probable get stuck listening to the details of some silly lawsuit, since I've been called for civil court.

I will have to travel for more than an hour to get to the courthouse in Atlantic City. I couldn't be called to jury duty at the courthouse that's 20 minutes from home, oh no. I have to go to the opposite side of the county and into the city, where I must struggle with traffic and parking. I hate traffic, and I hate driving and parking in the city.

I've already checked the train schedule, and it's a no-go. The train station is too far from the courthouse, and the schedule is limited. If I take a cab from the train station, I'm only adding to the expense of the day. I'm going to check out the bus schedule, but I'm not too hopeful. I used to think that any day off of work was a good day, but I truly would prefer to go to work this week.

OK, enough complaining. This, too, shall pass. I'll probably feel far less stressed and miserable once I've made it through tomorrow. I just have to remember to take things one at a time.


mommanator said...

I actually like being ajuror, I guess it's my intrique with the law? or teh missuse of it!? Good luck with the drive. You could always use some time down there at the casinos? to make your million to retire! or house fixups!?

Merci said...

I don't think they give chips to jurors, and gambling is NOT in the budget right now! I probably wouldn't mind as much if I could just go to ML, or if I could us public trans. Even the parking garage they tell jurors to use is a bit of a hike from the courthouse. Not sure what you would do if you had ambulation difficulties. I guess they'd have to excuse you from service. They really could do a better job with public trans. It's all set up for the casinos, not for city business.

citizen of the world said...

I found jury duty to be a mixed experience. I felt like I had a duty, but I was appalled by the illogical behavior of the other jurors.

Glad you finally go tht ewoodstove in - unreliable contractors are so annoying.

Virginia Gal said...

Merci - hopefully you will not get picked for the jury duty, especially if it does turn out to be something silly (oh but what if it turns out to be the trial of the century?!, no just kidding).

mommanator said...

o by the way glad to see you have something to say again, maybe next week we can do a girls night??