Monday, October 12, 2009

Photo Poem

When was the last time you saw acres of sky?

Or sat in the grass and let the wind wash over you, with no discernible sound of human activity?

Or contemplated the metaphors for life found in old farm structures?

Or saw light at the end of a hazy pathway?

Getting away can give you a new perspective on things.

Though there is always work to be done.


mommanator said...

ah PEACE wonderful peace! relaxin just thinking about, but back to the rat race all too soon!

Merci said...

Yes, the rat race. Sigh. If we retire at the farm, I will be thrilled, though the place is a lot of work to take care of. If not, I will have to find someplace just as peaceful.

secret agent woman said...

Nicely illustrated.

I actually try to do this sort of getting away as frequnetly as I can, even if it's just a walk of an hour or so.

zelda said...

beautiful, in more ways than one.

Virginia Gal said...

Wow, what a gorgeous pic of the acres of sky. Can you believe that is the same acres of sky the settlers saw when they came with their wagons. Amazing! Thank you for sharing!