Friday, October 23, 2009

Tearing My Hair Out!

Needed my passport tonight to order airline tickets for an upcoming trip, and it wasn't where it was supposed to be. Finally found it (phew). Since my birth certificate was with it, I started to feel pretty desperate. It would have been a challenge to replace both the birth cert and the passport and THEN get airline reservations in time for our trip. Four of us are traveling together, and we want to book the flights together so that we arrive at the same time.

The upside? I now know where EVERYTHING in the house is! I have looked in every box in every closet and in every drawer. I also found a lost password, as well as the keypad code to my car door. I never memorized it because I always use the keyless entry. Wonder if it still works?

So back to square one. Guess we'll order the tickets tomorrow. Hope the fares don't go up by then!


mommanator said...

I would remeber where everything is for about a minute! trials of aging! teehee
Where ya goin? Somewhere HOT!& sultry!

secret agent woman said...

It's a problem - I looked at a flight a couple of days ago, and it had already gone up today! I keep my passport in a little safe in my closet - that's one thing I never want to lose track of!

Merci said...

Mommanator - Mexico/Riviera Maya.

Secret Agent Woman - I actually do know where my important documents are. It was a quirk that the passport and birth cert were moved then not put back. And it was awful!

Virginia Gal said...

oh a trip abroad??? You have sparked my travel bug, I want details!!! Can you at least tell me if its someplace I've been??

If you need any tips on travel, I'm here for you babe - I only wish I could go with you!

Merci said...

Virginia Gal-Wish you could come, too! We are going to the Riviera Maya, staying in Playa Del Carmen - a heavenly week outside of the US this winter! We're going with family who have a time share. A little touring, a little time by the pool, a little shopping (silver in Cozumel, maybe?) - it's all good! I was in that neighborhood once for a day on a Caribbean cruise, and it was beautiful there! I toured Tulum then, so I hope to see Chichen Itza this time.

Packing tips and other suggestions are always appreciated! Any suggestions for how to spend a long layover in Miami/Ft. Laut on the return trip? I guess renting a car and going out for dinner is always an option!

Virginia Gal said...

Merci - yes renting a car is a brilliant idea! FLL airport is definitely easier to navigate and from there you can go to downtown FLL very easily. Remember to pack $5 for parking (all day usually though).

As for packing, I'm sure you will do great but just remember this is a vacation so you can wear the same outfit twice and only two pairs of shoes tops!

I can't wait to hear all about it!!