Sunday, July 23, 2006

Post Party Blues

So who was up 6:30 this morning, in spite of not having gone to bed until 4:00 am? Moi, of course, because those silly hounds of mine were demanding an audience. I must bow to the Truth In Blogging Act, and pause to confess that I did manage an hour or two of sleep earlier in the night, albeit on the couch, wrapped aroud one of said hounds.

I now find myself nodding off as I type, so I think I shall once again retire. Sweet dreams, all. Stop by for leftovers later, 'kay?


Anonymous said...

Nothing better than a sunday afternoon nap to catch up on a few winks. Must have been a good party to have lasted so long!


MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

Darling, Paxina wrote to me of your gay little fete, he said attending "enriched he his life beyond he wildest dreams", in light of that dear, I wouldn't be napping, I'd be counting the good silverwear!

Merci said...

I had a good time, hope the guests did, too. The party did'nt last til 4 am, though that would have been fine by me!

I haven't done a single constructive thing today. Didn't even have to water the plants on the deck, since the rain took care of that for me. And now, I'm going to bed!

Miss Magnolia-
Pax and Whatshisname are the perfect guests, and I'm thrilled they graced us with their presence. If only Miss Magnolia and Zelda could have joined us too!

joey b said...

Wait a second, you woke up at

Zelda Parker said...

Things did not go as I planned, to say the least. No concerts and no party for me? See Garden of Eden for the full story.

Merci said...

joey b-
Yup, 6:30 am. The dogs did not change their schedule for me.

Hope the vacation is going better now!