Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Noisy Neighbors

I'm not talking about the folks upstairs, although they ARE noisy. That's a story for another day. There were quiet mornings around here for the last couple of weeks. The pond had frozen over and the wildlife had deserted us for greener pastures, errr... wetter waters. All that ended late last week when the deep freeze eased. I was awakened shortly after dawn by the calls of the ducks who had returned to the pond. They are joined from time to time by a small flock of Canada geese, who give new meaning to the word noisy! I've even heard the geese in the middle of the night, honking just outside my (first floor) bedroom window.

Yesterday morning I was up early and sat down to check my email. I heard the oddest noise, and I wondered just what the neighbors were up to now. I peeked out my window to behold three enormous turkeys parading around on the lawn just outside The Room; another voice had been added to the daily cacophany of nature sounds to be heard here, unexpected in such a populated location.

As loud as my feathered friends can be, their noise never disturbs me. Human noises often annoy me to no end, but most of the sounds found in nature are comforting to me. Guess that's why my current home search is focused on more rural settings. Wish me luck!


CSL said...

Canada geese are incredibly loud, but I'm with ou that its a good noise. Soemtimes, when they fly overhead and aren't honking, you can hear their wings beating. Magical. And I saw a big flock of wild turkeys driving in today. More magic!

Pax Romano said...


Chances are you'll be adopting all of these critters soon enough!

Merci said...

I'd love to live far enough from man-made noise to hear the beat of goose-wings. Magical indeed!

Maybe I'll take them with me when I move!

Pegleg put in an appearance today. I was so happy! I was afraid he didn't make it through the winter.

Karl said...

Nature and humans coexhisting together.....Honk, honk, honk!