Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Time For Tea

I had the pleasure of the company of two of the best friends a girl could have for a dining adventure last Saturday. We took our afternoon tea at The Vintage Rose Tea Room in Millville, NJ. My friend Zelda described the outing over at her blog, Garden of Eden.

The fare at The Vintage Rose was sumptuous. The ambiance was elegant and peaceful, but not at all haughty. The tea sandwiches were a dream, the scones were perfect, the desserts were heavenly and the tea selection was impressive. Clotted cream and lemon curd accompanied the scones, of course. The tableau was charming, with floral table covers reaching to the floor, silver service, and Royal Albert Old Country Roses china to hold the delicacies. The gustatory delights were presented on china plates on a three-tiered silver server. Cloth napkins were provided, of course. We dilly-dallied over our repast, enjoying the finest tea, food and company available.

I wish Virginia Gal lived nearby; I'd love to take her there for a treat one Saturday soon! I know she loves tea, and she is a bit of an Anglophile. I'd enjoy a chat with her over a cuppa.

It seems that Millville has played a prominent role in the more posh of my (admittedly limited) outings recently. I described a chic meal out at Winfield's in Millville in a post in December. These venues really are a surprise and a delight, tucked away in unpretentious little Millville. Will wonders never cease!


mommanator said...

I couldn't have described it better! What a lovely afternoon.

Pax Romano said...

Ah, one time I went out to tea with Zelda and the Mommanator, but they kept spiking the drinks with something called Methodist Moonshine!

Virginia Gal said...

oh thank you for the kind sentiments! I soo wish I lived nearby as well, this sounds delicious and we could dish over our favorite BBC productions : )

(ps, I laughed out loud, wonton, hee hee).

mommanator said...

Methodist moonshine indeed!